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Orange Star

Sun Stars, charming members of the Asteraceae family, flourish indoors as delightful companions, infusing homes with vibrant hues and compact, star-shaped blooms. Thriving in well-lit spaces, they elevate indoor aesthetics while promoting a sense of tranquility. Beyond their visual appeal, these resilient plants contribute to a healthier indoor environment, acting as natural air purifiers and brightening daily living with their radiant, starry presence.

Plant Care Guide

Full Sunlight


Offer ample direct sunlight to your indoor plants but in the summer heat, shield them from the intense afternoon sun to prevent the leaves from scorching.

Frequent Watering


Water your Sun Star a minimum of once a week during the growth season or when the topsoil feels dry to the touch to keep the soil moist.



Sun Stars love a good mix of sandy soil with peat moss or perlite to promote drainage. It is best to repot Sun Stars every two years into a larger pot to help promote growth.

Average Humidity


Sun Stars appreciate temperatures that range from 60° to 80° Fahrenheit while indoor temperatures suffice, these plants do favor a slightly cooler environment than typical home settings. A slight drop in temperature at night can aid in prolonging their blooming period.

Additional Notes

Additional Notes

Toxic to people and pets.