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Tillandsia, commonly known as air plants, are fascinating epiphytes requiring no soil for growth. Hailing from diverse habitats, these resilient plants absorb nutrients and moisture through their leaves. Known for their unique forms and easy care, Tillandsia’s air-purifying qualities and adaptability make them cherished additions to any indoor space.

Plant Care Guide

Bright Indirect Light


Tillandsias are normally found in dense forest canopies, so they are naturally accustomed to bright to medium indirect light. Direct light exposure can lead to the Tillandsia leaves burning so it is best to avoid a bright spot.

Frequent Watering


Soak your Tillandsia once a week in the morning or afternoon for twenty to thirty minutes, you can mist your plant as needed. Be sure to allow your plant to have enough light and air circulation to dry within a few hours. If your plant does not dry properly, it may go soft.

No Soil Required


No soil required! So, you have many fun ways to display your Tillandsia. Fertilizing the plant helps to promote blooming and growing of pups so you can have as many plants as possible.

High Humidity


Tillandsia thrives in warm conditions between 50 degrees to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The most important thing is the humidity, they prefer warm, humid conditions to keep up with their moisture. Most household temperatures are adequate, just make sure your plant is not exposed to any cold drafts or temperatures in the winter. The best place for your Tillandsia is in your bathroom, kitchen or laundry room. These rooms promote humidity, which is perfect for your plant.