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Heather, a resilient and colorful evergreen shrub, graces landscapes with its vibrant blooms and needle-like foliage. Native to Europe, this hardy plant symbolizes good luck and admiration. Thriving in acidic, well-drained soils, heather adds a burst of color to gardens and is often associated with hillsides and moorlands. Resilient and low-maintenance, heather’s enduring charm makes it a beloved addition to gardens around the world.

Plant Care Guide

Full Sunlight


Heathers bloom in full sun and the more sun they receive the brighter the colors of the flowers are, in warmer climates heathers tend to like a bit of afternoon shade.

Frequent Watering


It's best to water them really well with one inch per week when they are young so they can establish themselves. As they mature, you’ll find that you can water them less and less, just never allow the soil to dry out completely.



Heathers need well draining soil such as sandy soils or rocky terrain, they do not need fertile soil and can thrive in poor nutritional soils or in peaty and acidic environments.

Above Average Humidity


Heather senjoys a climate that is moist and cool, they cannot survive in high temperatures and humidities like in climates like the U.S. south.