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Roses, revered for their timeless beauty, seamlessly transition into captivating indoor plants. Injecting spaces with a rich array of colors, these iconic symbols of love bring an enduring elegance and a delicate fragrance. Transform your indoor environment into a sanctuary of romance and grace with the enchanting presence of cultivated rose blossoms.

Plant Care Guide

Bright Indirect Light


Roses benefit best from six hours of morning sun per day. The afternoon sun is too strong for their liking so a place in your home with good morning sun and some afternoon shade is in their best interest.

Frequent Watering


Water our roses heavily twice a week as close to the soil as possible. It is not ideal to water roses infrequently and lightly. Try to avoid watering in the evening as roses need enough sunlight to help dry out the soil to prevent mildew developing.



Loamy, well-draining soil with a 6.5 to 6.8 pH range is best suited for Roses. Peat moss can be a good addition to promote drainage. During the growing season in Spring, start to feed the plants monthly with a 10-10-10 rose fertilizer.

Average Humidity


While roses can endure occasional weather extremes, they thrive in temperatures ranging from 60° to 70° degrees Fahrenheit and prefer humidity levels between 60% and 70%.