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Euro Tree

The European Tree transforms indoor spaces with its graceful evergreen charm. Originating from the Pacific Northwest, this elegant houseplant boasts slender, aromatic foliage and gently cascading branches, bringing sophistication to interior d├ęcor. Adaptable and resilient, it symbolizes enduring natural beauty, making it a prized choice for indoor gardens and home aesthetics.

Plant Care Guide

Full Sunlight


European trees love a sunny spot with some shade time, though if the plant receives too much shade the bright green color loses its intensity.

Frequent Watering


Water frequently to keep the soil damp but not too wet. Water when the surface starts to feel slightly dry. When watering, apply a moderate and gradual amount from above, ensuring it penetrates the roots. Afterward, pour out any extra water. Prevent any dry soil to keep your tree happy.



European Trees thrive in nutrient rich, loamy, humus soil with a neutral pH. Make sure your soil is well drained because excess still water can lead to root rot. If you decide to fertilize, make sure you are using good compost with lots of humus. Fertilize from March to April using a conifer fertilizer that is high in magnesium, this promotes healthy needles.

Above Average Humidity


European trees are rather hardy in temperate climates, if you are in a place that has harsh winters you might have to protect your tree from the cold.