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Succulents are perfect for any beginner plant lover, requiring minimal care they make an excellent and lively addition to any sunny spot in your home. Succulents are diverse plants in terms of shape, size, and color so they can fulfill any of your biophilic dreams 

Plant Care Guide

Full Sunlight


Succulents prefer a bright indirect light in hotter climates though in cooler climates, they should receive full sun light. 

Infrequent Watering


For most varieties, allow the roots to dry out completely between waterings as these plants are drought tolerant. Soaking in water results in the roots and plants becoming squishy and we don’t want that. 



Succulents thrive in a well-draining sandy, neutral balance pH soil.  As sand growers, succulents need to be lightly fertilized annually to replenish the necessary nutrients to support healthy growth. Fertilizing too frequently can result in plenty of unwanted leggy growth.   While repotting is not necessary; it really depends on the growth rate of the plant, be sure to use a fast-draining succulent or cactus soil-sand mix. Re-pot when the root system fills the pot or when roots are starting to grow out of the drainage holes.  

Low Humidity


Most succulent varieties thrive in USDA Hardiness Zones 9 to 12. The majority of succulents are heat-tolerant but few species can withstand short periods of cold or dampness. Bring them inside during the colder months, exposure to the cold can lead to the plants becoming mushy.