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Basil, a fragrant herb originating from the Mediterranean, thrives indoors as a delightful and useful houseplant. With its glossy leaves and diverse varieties, basil brings a burst of flavor to your indoor garden. Adaptable and easy to care for, this sun-loving herb symbolizes freshness and vitality, making it a cherished addition to kitchens and indoor spaces worldwide.

Plant Care Guide

Full Sunlight


Basil thrives in a warm and sunny spot in your home, they need six to eight hours of sunlight to grow well. If you live in a hot climate, let your Basil have afternoon shade to break from the sun to prevent leaf burn.

Frequent Watering


Basil can be hard to water as they don’t like being too dry or too wet, you can either water Basil from the bottom or top. By watering from the bottom, you can encourage root growth and avoids fungal problems from extra moisture on the leaves. To decide when to water you can stick your finger into the dirt, about the second knuckle deep and if the soil feels a bit dry you can add water.



Normal potting soil is perfect for Basil, if you want to fertilize you may use a time-release fertilizer or a diluted liquid fertilizer every couple of weeks.

Average Humidity


Basil enjoys temperatures between 50 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and a humidity level between 40–60%. Make sure your space isn't too humid as extra moisture can lead to fungal issues.