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Cacti bring the allure of the desert into your home with their unique looks and easy-care needs. Elevate your living space with these resilient and visually captivating botanical companions as these organic naturally occurring sculptures thrive in a variety of environments. Cacti are perfect for those who are seeking a touch of the arid indoors.

Plant Care Guide

Bright Indirect Light


Cacti require daily four to six hours of bright sunlight. Some cactus varieties can burn in direct sunlight so place your plant near a sunny window in a spot the receives filtered bright light in the summertime and direct light in the winter. If you want to move your cactus outdoors in the summer to achieve their light exposure requirements make sure it is when nighttime temperatures are 50 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

Infrequent Watering


When your cactus is growing and blooming during the spring and summer months, we recommend giving it a good watering every ten days when the soil is dry to the touch. If watered too frequently, the soil won’t be able to drain fully. While dormant in the winter you’ll only need to water cacti once every four weeks and the soil should be mostly dry in the winter.



Cacti are happiest in a fast-draining soil mix specifically for succulents or cacti. Normal potting soil mixed with sand, pebbles, or perlite are also adequate for your cacti to thrive. If they have good drainage and aeration, your cacti will be happy and flourish. If you choose to repot your cactus keep in mind that cacti are slow-growing plants and will rarely need to be moved into a larger pot. If necessary, repot if they are suffering with root rot or are in need of fresh soil. Cacti are very resilient plants and fertilizer is not necessary to promote their healthy living. However, if you decide to add some fertilizer make sure it is organic cacti fertilizer that contains more phosphorus than nitrogen and only fertilize two to three times during the growing season. Fertilizer is not needed during their dormant period in the winter.

Low Humidity


Cacti prefer hot temperatures yet can withstand a night that drops down to 35° degrees Fahrenheit. As for our cacti houseplants that are not hardened from the rough outdoors, they prefer a humidity level between 40 to 60 percent and temperatures ranging from 55° degrees to 80° degrees Fahrenheit. If you happen to see your plant wilting just be sure to mist it occasionally to keep up with its desired humidity.

Winter Dormancy

Additional Notes

Indoor cacti go dormant in winter, so they need little to no care but to thrive and prepare for their hibernation, place the cactus in your sunniest window for the best light. To prevent rot, reduce your watering to once a month at most and stop fertilization.