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Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo, a resilient plant, graces homes with its elegant, twisted stems and vibrant greenery. Originating from Southeast Asia, it symbolizes good fortune and positive energy. This low-maintenance plant is a popular choice for indoor decor, effortlessly blending tranquility with a touch of symbolism in its unique, graceful form.

Plant Care Guide

Bright Indirect Light


Lucky bamboo thrives in bright, filtered sunlight reminiscent of a rainforest canopy, direct sunlight can harm the leaves. It tolerates low light better than excessive light. If the plant elongates or loses its vibrant green color, increase the light exposure. Regularly rotate the plant to ensure even light distribution on all sides.

Frequent Watering


Lucky bamboo is an interesting plant due to its growing in either soil or just water. They are sensitive to chlorine or other chemicals found in tap water so we recommend leaving tap water out for 24 hours before use or using bottled or distilled water if that is not achievable. If you have hard water, we advise sticking to bottled or distilled water. If you decide to grow Bamboo in a water and pebble-filled vase, change the water weekly to prevent any weird odors or diseases. Cover the roots with water and refill the pot every two to seven days.



Pot Lucky bamboo in well-drained, nutrient-rich potting soil, maintaining a consistently moist but not too soaked environment. Alternatively, it is satisfied in pebbles or a water-filled vase, as long as there's a minimum of an inch of standing water at all times to support its growth.

Average Humidity


Lucky bamboo thrives in temperatures between 65 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep it away from drafts, whether hot or cold, and avoid placing it near air conditioners, heating vents, or drafty windows. Your lucky bamboo plant is content with average humidity, so there's no need to worry about humidity levels in your home.

Additional Notes

Additional Notes

Lucky Bamboo roots are red so no need to worry about something weird going on if you see that.