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A Madagascar native, Kalanchoes bring a bright presence into your space. These resilient succulent plants are known for their vibrant, long-lasting blooms. Drought-tolerant plants like Kalanchoes thrive in various climates. With thick, fleshy leaves and diverse flower colors, such as red, pink, orange, and yellow, the variety adds a touch of beauty to indoor spaces. Popular as both ornamental plants and medicinal herbs, they symbolize endurance and adaptability. Easy to care for, Kalanchoes have become beloved choices for plant enthusiasts seeking a low maintenance yet visually stunning addition to their homes.

Plant Care Guide

Bright Indirect Light


Kalanchoes respond best to bright, indirect light. Harsh direct sunlight can prevent blooming but if your plant looks leggy and is too tall then it does not have enough light.

Infrequent Watering


Our kalanchoe is an ideal choice for those who tend to forget to water their plants. This resilient plant thrives on minimal water, needing it only every few weeks, especially less in the winter. We recommend allowing the soil to completely dry between waterings to help prevent root rot. Since Kalanchoes are a succulent, the leaves can store water and the plant remains unaffected even if watering is delayed by a few days.



In contrast to our other succulent offerings, kalanchoe plants flourish when repotted regularly. Repotting is recommended to occur annually during the fall, post-blooming, to foster new growth and enhance the plant's density. Gradually upgrade the container size with each repotting for best growth. When repotting choose a well-draining pot with an acidic loose loamy, sandy, well-draining soil used for succulents or a cactus mix.

Low Humidity


Kalanchoes are relatively undemanding regarding your home environment, unlike some indoor plants. It flourishes with temperatures of 55° to 80° degrees Fahrenheit. If they are protected from frost, minimal effort is required to maintain a comfortable environment. Kalanchoe plants are not sensitive to humidity.

Additional Notes

Additional Notes

Toxic to pets.